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Ready to overcome the challenges of being a business owner and build a business that aligns with your vision? At getLindley, we’re dedicated to your success. With our tailored suite of services, we help streamline your business operations. Let’s prioritise your goals, untangle complexities, and unlock your business’s full potential. Join us in creating a thriving business that truly works for you. Keep scrolling to explore how we can collaborate

Business & Operations Management

Ops Accelerator:

In these intensive one-hour sessions, we’ll dive deep into your business challenges. Designed to address specific operational challenges, generate actionable solutions, and provide expert advice on business growth.

VIP Operations Day:

A full day of undivided attention for your business spilt into 2 days! During these personalised, one-on-one sessions, I will evaluate your operational workflows, refine your business systems, and develop a clear roadmap to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Operations Management Retainer:

Think of this as having your own operations manager on standby. With our Operations Retainer services, you get regular and reliable support to ensure your business runs like a well-oiled machine. From workflow management to developing efficient business systems, we ensure your business operates seamlessly and effectively.

At getLindley, we don't just leave you with a plan - we help make it a reality.

After our strategic planning, your team or our carefully chosen VA can take the reins, empowered by our clear, actionable steps. They’ll work to streamline your processes, master your tech tools, and implement those operational strategies, transforming your business operations and enhancing your client experience.

With tasks ranging from routine admin and system management to client communications and process implementation. They’ll be equipped to confidently navigate the tech landscape, ensuring your business stays organised, efficient, and set up for success.

Imagine a future where your business runs like a well-oiled machine, allowing you more time to focus on growth and strategy. With GetLindley, you’re not just gaining a strategic partner – you’re setting your business up for sustained success.

Let’s turn your strategy into action, together.

Virtual Assistance


Administrative Tasks:

Handling routine administrative tasks like data entry, calendar, and email management


Client Communications:

Managing communication with clients, ensuring they have a smooth and pleasant experience.


Social Media Management:

Managing and updating your social media accounts, creating posts, and engaging with your audience.


Marketing Support:

Assisting with marketing tasks like email newsletters, blog posts, website updates, and more.


Process Management:

Implementing and managing the streamlined processes designed during our strategic consultations. This could include workflows for client onboarding, internal operations, and more.


System Management:

Overseeing your tech tools and systems, ensuring they’re used effectively and kept up to date.


Document Creation and Management:

Creating and managing documents related to your business operations. This could include process documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), client contracts, and more.


Project Coordination:

Coordinating projects, tracking progress, and ensuring deadlines are met.


Financial Tracking:

Basic bookkeeping tasks, such as invoice creation, expense tracking, and financial report generation.

Remember, the specific tasks that your VAs will perform can be tailored to your business’s unique needs and the operational plan we create together.

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